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Extension Pricing + Goal Calculator

Extension Pricing + Goal Calculator

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Save time and avoid guessing with our pricing calculator! This tool makes pricing easy and hassle-free, so you can focus on what you do best. Let the pricing calculator do the math for you and take the stress out of pricing. 💰


The big question that every artist asks… What should I charge for my Hair Extensions?

PSA- This is not a black and white answer and here’s why 👇

  1. Demographic 
  2. Experience 
  3. Education 
  4. Current price per minute 
  5. Quality of products 
  6. Demand 
  7. Value offered
  8. Amenities 
  9. Ambience 
  10. Supplies cost

There are several variables that will cause your pricing to be different from the extension artist (or wanna be 🫣) down the road, or in a different town/state. 

Asking what others charge is not a fair comparison. I do believe doing a SWAT analysis is not a bad idea when you are getting an evaluation of similar businesses, however to copy and paste from someone else’s business typically could either price you out of your market, not match your quality and skills, or cut into your profits 😱 making this service not a profitable one!

Creating a price based on what you feel 🤷‍♀️ would NOT a be a strategy nor a good one.


So what are you waiting for?  Grab your calculator today and not only discover what you should be charging but also how you can reach your financial goals too with extensions! 


Once purchased you will have instant access to your calculator.  Easy to follow instructions for a simple plug and play guide!

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